Helen Barff is a sculptor, living and working in London. She graduated from Goldsmiths College in Fine Art and Art History BA (Hons) in 1999 and completed a drawing MA at Camberwell College of Art in 2004. She has exhibited in various locations in the UK and internationally. Helen also teaches and runs workshops, most recently with Market Hall Museum, Warwick working with a group of female immigrants exploring memory and migration. Her work is held in various collections in the UK, Canada, Mexico and the USA.

"Barff has a longstanding interest in making sculpture that is driven from history, science and storytelling. Mapping her way through a journey of investigation and finding meaning by stitching together significant historical facts and overlooked practices, materials and techniques. She explores through communications and conversations with people that span a wide demographic. Since her graduation from Goldsmiths College 1999, she has created an eccentric menagerie of sculptures that take on a presence of animal, human, or something in-between. Her work suggests the complexity of life as well as the mythologies, superstitions and vanities that underpin it the shadowy ‘other’ within us all." Freeny Yianni, Close Ltd