Paul Carey-Kent interviews Trish Morrissey

On the opening day of our current show 'Trish Morrissey at CLOSE', open until 15 June 2024, we were delighted to have art writer and curator Paul Carey-Kent here to interview Morrissey. 


"Irish artist Trish Morrissey combines archival research and her biography to develop and play real and fictional characters, exploring women's roles, the family and the body. Curating at her Close gallery in Somerset, Freeny Yianni focuses on Morrissey's treatment of the mother. Here we discuss well-known older works - the series 'Front' (2005-07), 'The Failed Realist' (2011) and 'The Successful Realist' (2017) - and recent productions: the multi-award winning short film 'Eupnea' (2023), the photographic series 'The Maiden and the Crone' (2017 - ) and the photograph 'Joanna Southcott's Box' (2020), shown as an installation together with the box into which Morrissey's body in inserted in the image."


Read the full interview HERE

1 May 2024
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