Modular Locus: An exhibition of work by Chuck Elliott

15 Feb - 23 Mar 2020
A solo show of digital drawings by Chuck Elliott

Chuck Elliott has selected a little over twenty works to be exhibited at Brewhouse Gallery in Taunton in conjunction with the launch of his new book 12. The selection encompasses many of the more intriguing works to come out of his studio over the past twelve years. Initially based in London's Soho, Chuck moved his studio to Bristol in 2005, and has been working full time on his sublime studies in liquid geometry ever since. He enjoys a reputation as one of the UK's foremost digital printmakers, and has exhibited works in over 200 shows and events both in the UK and internationally.


Chuck Elliott produces works that hover between traditional print making, contemporary abstract photography, and the digital realm. Using the latest systems based drawing tools, he draws, sculpts and refines works that are concerned with the most fundamental building blocks available to the artist; colour, line, form and light. Eschewing direct representation in favour of a more poetic approach, pieces are drawn from scratch, initially by hand, and later on screen, before being returned to the material world as large format laser exposed C-type photographic prints. More recently he has also been experimenting with inked editions on paper, which offer an interesting counterpoint to the darkroom techniques involved in camera less photographic printmaking.


Works vary from fairly minimal studies to more complex sculptural drawings, taking inspiration from music, architecture, design and nature as the basis for explorations into line, colour and form. Clearly informed by the C20th works of Naum Gabo, Renzo Piano, Kandinsky, Bridget Riley or Missoni; amongst many others who have worked with colour and abstraction as key components of their practice; Chuck nevertheless maintains that his works are figured by a love of maths, and in that sense take inspiration from number systems, and the way maths defines and generates growth in the natural world all round us, and forms the basis for studies that move almost kinetically across the picture plane.


Through his work Chuck Elliott is reinterpreting the essence of abstract fine art print making for the digital age. 


Pure logical progression.


Curated by Freeny Yianni and CLOSE Ltd, in association with The Brewhouse.