Shizico Yi


Dr. Shizico Yi holds a PhD in Fine Art awarded by UEL in the UK in 2017. She also completed a Master's in Fine Art and a Bachelor's in Womenswear from UAL in London. Shizico, a London-based artist, is closely associated with Close. Her expertise encompasses installations, paintings, and films, often centred around themes of loss, repetition, the mundane, the significance of memories to an individual, and the natural world. Drawing from her background in design and film, Shizico combines her passions to craft installations and projects that reflect her personal experiences within the broader context of society and the human condition.


Shizico Yi practices plein air painting from spring to autumn and engages in studio work during the winter months. Her choice of method and location significantly influences the outcome, energy, and scale of her artworks. She specializes in focusing on a singular concept to bring depth to her approach and layers of technique, while also adhering to self-imposed strict guidelines and colour restrictions to enhance her images. She embraces experimentation with new materials and delves into the depth of concepts and meaning by complementing her visual language with essays and poems alongside her practice.


As an internationally acclaimed artist, Yi has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions at prominent cultural locations such as London, Korea, and Italy. Her artwork has found its way into collections in various countries, with a substantial number of pieces housed in private collections across the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and the UK. Notably, Shizico Yi secured the title of Winner of the Women Film Makers: Best Shorts Competition in 2013 in Los Angeles, USA. She also serves as a guest jury member at the 14th-16th Annual New York City Independent Film Festival from 2022 to 2024 and is a curator and founder of 'no barking aRt'.