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Our associated artists have a unique connection with CLOSE. Many of these alliances have been created through specific projects generated by CLOSE. We understand that collecting art enables communication between the artist and collector and it is key to growing a visual language that has your own mark stamped on to it. Art elevates and gives something back every day. Let us know if you are ready to begin this journey, or if we can enhance your existing collection.


Magnus Hammick created a series of figures within a landscape. These works were developed through a deep rooted social consciousness of our part in pollution and the human vulnerability of breathing toxic air. As Covid-19 unravelled this series grew a new meaning that reflects the surreal environments we have been forced to live in. Sensitive and naive, these works betray a fear of the unknown. The typography of male and female, highlights the unifying experience we have been through during this evolutionary time.


Jane Harris is a British artist, who met Freeny Yianni owner of CLOSE Ltd in the early 1990’s. “We are extremely excited to be working with Jane here at CLOSE, she is an exceptional painter who produces seductive optical works which are centered around the ellipse. Her spatial exploration, emerges enigmatically, each work is imbued with an individual personality and presence. She often uses metallic pigments, which add a reflective quality.” These are a selection of her works on paper as well as paintings.


Freeny Yianni owner of CLOSE Ltd worked with Anna in her early career and is delighted to have recently shown her new work here in a magnificent exhibition in our Somerset gallery. Mossman's optical rhythmic work plays with positive and negative, dark and light. Her mechanical works are hand painted and meticulous in their construction, She creates these delicate masterpieces on hand made paper in inks and watercolours. Each work is unique.


Paul Newman has a longstanding relationship with all the team at CLOSE. His work is indicative of the early land artists, as his practise takes him through actual journeys through the landscape of his surrounding areas of Dorset, Dartmoor, and Somerset. Exploration and observation is at the core of his practise, resulting in exceptional, photo realistic work that honours nature and its beauty. These unique and time consuming works are made mostly in pencil, allowing mistakes to happen and never making corrections. 

Katherine Perrins is an artist in residence here at CLOSE Ltd. Her seductive work lies between still life and investigation. She is concerned with the psychic memory of interior spaces through painting, particularly the domestic. She uses paint as a way of exploring these spaces, an attempt to capture the aura of a home and all it contains. Her work has the mastery reminiscent of the Dutch Masters and an honesty of the everyday. Her work is unique and refreshing.


One of CLOSE's earliest projects was 'Coda'. Chuck Elliot presented a substantial solo show of works, hung throughout Close House in March 2011. Produced and curated in conjunction with Freeny with text by Matthew Collings. Chuck's work was inspired by the early Apple Mac generation of painting programs. His stunning pieces lift and inspire, with a confidence of colour and pattern. A series of editions are now for sale in our shop. 

Carl Middleton and Freeny Yianni met and taught together at the then Somerset College of Art. A series of Carl's Letter and Language works have been developed as editions for sale by CLOSE Ltd. 
The work is humorous, poetic and playful. The quality of his hand printed pieces has a nostalgic and evocative presence that resonates. He plays with literature and dictionary terms which are open to interpretation. Inviting you to make sense of his works that meander in the same genre as the Concrete poets of the 60's and 70's and rejoice in graphic qualities which drove the literary modernist movements we know today.

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