Carali McCall performance work to be shown in Sydney, Australia

CLOSE artist Carali McCall's performance work, 'Horizon/Distance (2024)' will be shown at DRAW Space, Sydney, as part of their International Performance Drawing Series, 28-30 April 2024.


The International Performance Drawing Series brings together artists from around the world who explore the extent of what drawing is through spatial, body-based, performative practices. Using movement, time, sound and collaboration, they stretch and explore the nature of drawing. These are all performance works on video; each is looped and projected in the gallery over 2-3 nights, starting after dark and continuing until dawn. DRAW Space will present a new artist each month, showing six artists from February through July 2024.

Featuring the work of Brooke Leigh (Australia), Carali McCall (Canada/England), Madeleine Lohrum (Spain), Pascal Miehe (Scotland), Stella Geppert (Berlin) and Xie Rong (China/UK).

This program is curated by Belinda Yee.


Performance schedule:

February 25-27

31 March - 2 April
M. LOHRUM (SPAIN) - two works 6Feet (2023) and Infinite Walk (2023)

28 - 30 April
CARALI MCCALL (CANADA/UK) - Horizon/Distance (2024)

26 - 28 May

30 June - 2 July
STELLA GEPPERT (GERMANY) - two works Communication Capture (2023) and LA MODULATION SISMOGRAPHIQUE (2023)

28 - 30 July
XIE RONG (CHINA/UK) Painting until it becomes marble (2011)

25 Apr 2024
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