Veronica Wilton

Veronica Wilton is a British artist known for her sculptural objects, forms and compositions which are charged with personal significance. Born in London in 1965, Wilton moved to the USA and then returned to the UK, studying at Chelsea School of Art and The Byam Shaw School of Art. Graduating in 1989, she took part in the New Contemporaries and followed this by curating projects and exhibitions around London in the 1990's. Since moving to Somerset in 2005 Wilton has focused on making her own motifs (in clay), as well as re-making or re-presenting objects made by others.

"In the process there’s a kind of mirroring which takes place, especially where a mould is bit like a (three dimensional) reflection. It’s not so much the individual subjects but the mirroring which interests me. In this process there can be a moment of opening-up, a slippage, and one can arrive at readings which might be much more open-ended."