Available works by

Jane Harris

Contact Freeny Yianni freeny@closeltd.com to discuss purchasing the following works:

Jane Harris is a British artist, who met Freeny Yianni owner of CLOSE Ltd in the early 1990’s. “We are extremely excited to be working with Jane here at CLOSE, she is an exceptional painter who produces seductive optical works which are centered around the ellipse. Her spatial exploration, emerges enigmatically, each work is imbued with an individual personality and presence. She often uses metallic pigments, which add a reflective quality, the surfaces have a modern classic character. The relationships between each painting is transfixing.”  


Harris’ work is included in many public and private collections around the world including the Arts Council collection (UK) and the Government Art Collection (UK). Collections of her work can be viewed at CLOSE Ltd by appointment, we would welcome showing you around.