CHUCK ELLIOTT / Motorik | TWO | Chromatic Shift

  • Motorik / TWO / chromatic shift takes up where the Arpeggi series left off. It revisits the idea of capturing a complex syncopated rhythm as a series of dismantled modular components, laid out on a grid as if it were a sheet of music, in a complex scaled arrangement of different pulses, or beats. Motorik refers directly to the Krautrock beat pioneered by Can and Neu! amongst others, stellar musicians who were experimenting with beat and repetition in the seventies, as digital and analogue instruments began to be combined on record, to astonishing effect. Hallogallo is a good place to dive in, if you’re not familiar with their music.

     It would have been easiest to cut the work at the editing stage, but I decided I wanted to get upstream from there, and cut up and reassemble the work at the sculptural stage. So the whole study is in fact cut and shut in three dimensions, before being rendered out as a two dimensional image ahead of editing and re colouring. As a result there are shards of pieces at the top and bottom of each stave, bleeding into and out of the image, creating a kind of chromatic shift amongst the components. For Motorik / TWO on Plexiglass I used nine horizontal lines, or components, positioned vertically on a grid, that in it’s original form measures some 240cm H on the wall, you can see that work online here. The pigment print takes the same geometry, and editions it as an 88cm H piece, with all of the colour, if not the scale, of the original intact.