CHUCK ELLIOTT / Klint / reDux / acdh

  • Le Klint studio is an inspiration to anyone who loves paper folding, contemporary design, and light. So of course I couldn’t resist making a series of origami like geometries for a new set of works on paper in 2015. Le Klint Studio, to my mind, are particularly well known for their folded paper pendant shades, contemporary designs which are as beautiful as they are ubiquitous.
       The image I made is not an identikit line work, more an homage based around some of the origami like folds they use, with the addition of colour glazes and offset transparencies. I've also added a grid like structure of darkly shaded lines and accents, that bring the geometry to life. The first piece I drew, ACDH (acid house), uses a palette of highlighter pen colours, CHRM (chroma) is a more established blue and orange variant.