Katherine Perrins

Between ‘Still’ and ‘Life’ - text by the artist.


My practice investigates the psychic memory of interior spaces through painting, particularly the domestic. Paint is a way of exploring these spaces, an attempt to capture the aura of a home and all it contains. 


This project investigates the autobiographical experience of maternity leave after the birth of my second child. Giving birth is violent, visceral and gory, but the period afterward, when the dust settles and the relatives have gone home leaving the new mother alone with her child, can be unexpectedly solitary. Suddenly plunged into extended periods of time inside the home, I felt a new intimacy with the interior. Like all new parents, I became totally immersed in caring for my child and doing the repeated cycles of mundane, everyday tasks. I began to make still life works as the quotidian items I was handling, took on a deeper significance. 


These still life paintings are produced in series and endeavour to describe the stillness of looking at rare moments of pause, amongst otherwise busy, chore filled days. I attempt to communicate an intensity of looking, and an intimacy with this space and these everyday objects. Since becoming a mother, I have found new powers and readings emerge from the still life genre; the paradox within the very name for this kind of work resonates deeply with my practice. 


Life is rarely truly still, and the tension between the ‘still’ and the ‘life’ is where I am finding new meanings begin to emerge. 

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Katherine Perrins has created a short film during lockdown where she talks us through her inspiration; capturing light in her paintings; her fascination with the ordinary objects around her house and the daily rituals of life at home.