CLOSE Ltd presents Jane Harris to our online community

Harris’s work comes alive in the rural setting of these galleries as the natural light changes the work as you move around the meticulous surface of monochrome brushstrokes. They transfix the eye and heighten our perception of seeing. 

“We are extremely excited to be working with Jane Harris, she is an exceptional painter who produces seductive optical works which center around the ellipse”, Freeny Yianni. 


The current exhibition focuses on her spatial exploration, the diptych pieces stare out like formal framed portraits. They appear to be framed masterpieces and yet minimal and mysterious. Each work is imbued with an individual personality and presence. The works in this show use metallic pigments, which add a reflective quality.


"I have been using the ellipse figure in my work for almost 30 years. It is a geometric figure that does not have a single center but two focal points. It therefore contains infinite potential for permutation. Also, it can be simultaneously understood as a flat shape on the surface of the painting or as a circle in perspective, creating the illusion of depth in the painting or the drawing. It is a figure that I find very elegant, at the same time restful and dynamic. Its use allowed me to play with the ambiguities of these two states, between surface and depth”, Jane Harris


Jane is a British artist who met Freeny Yianni owner of CLOSE Ltd in the early 1990’s, along with the Frieze generation of artists; Turner Prize Winner Grenville Davey and Anna Mossman, all now represented by Close Ltd and re-united in both their shared histories and visual perception. 


Jane Harris was born in Dorset in 1956. She is very close to her roots here in Somerset. She now lives and works in Limoges, France.