Anna Mossman

Lives and works in London. Anna Mossman’s work explores aspects of line and duration often in relation to the handmade. Since the early 2000s she has developed her work as an extended form of drawing, working exclusively on paper. Recent work specifically engages with variation in pattern and multiplicity resulting from process, simultaneously alluding to aspects of design. Her current practice emerged from an extensive body of photographic work exploring recorded action and the extended moment.


She has exhibited across Europe, in America and Canada. She studied painting at Camberwell College of Arts and Fine Art at Goldsmith’s College University of London, followed by a Rome Award to The British School at Rome. Anna is currently Associate Lecturer in Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts.

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Anna Mossman

Anna was recently interviewed by Jayson Gylen from the North West Drawing Collective about her practice,

"In some long-term works, I notice that rhythm is affected by life events, giving the piece a diaristic aspect, folded into the work, but possibly hidden to others. Rhythm results from process in my practice, but it carries the viewer around the work, directing their vision and in larger pieces causing them to move about, being led around the work by varying, rhythmic pulses."

Works on paper